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Possible Futures is a multi-year programme supporting initiatives and projects that are developing and promoting specific, evidence-based and scalable solutions to improve the conditions of life on our planet. Cultivating nature-positive and symbiotic ways of living across the globe, the programme offers holistic and regenerative perspectives based on indigenous wisdom, to help reshape how we inhabit and interact with the natural environment.
“Our strength is in our unity. It is the age of alliances.”
                   – Putanny Yawanawa, Chief of Aldeia Sagrada
“Our strength is in our unity.
It is the age of alliances.”
                   – Putanny Yawanawa, Chief of Aldeia Sagrada
of the global population
is made up of Indigenous Peoples
of earth's land is managed by indigenous peoples and local communities
of those territories are assessed to be in good ecological condition
of the planet's remaining biodiversity is located in Indigenous Peoples' lands
Since the beginning of the indigenous lands reclamation movement, scientific evidence and climatological data have demonstrated that the most flourishing and well-protected ecosystems are those under indigenous stewardship.
With indigenous lands encompassing 80% of the planet’s remaining biodiversity, recognizing the systemic impact of indigenous stewardship of forest ecosystems is crucial for global sustainability efforts.
Possible Futures Yawanawa
The joining of forces of the Yawanawa communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperança, with Impact One and a host of cultural and platform partners initiates the Possible Futures as a pilot project that aims to provide a new model of cross-industry collaboration, dedicated to the establishment of more holistic and equitable pathways to environmental sustainability, with indigenous wisdom at their core.
Aldeia Sagrada Yawanawa © Camilla Coutinho
The goal of the collaboration and the Possible Futures platform is to develop replicable, regenerative business models to support indigenous communities’ stewardship of their lands, and by extension, the protection of some of the planet's most vital ecosystems.
With the launch of Winds of Yawanawa, co-created by the Yawanawa community and Refik Anadol, we are planting the seeds for our mission to facilitate a more integrative approach to sustainability in the future. This launch uses blockchain technology and introduces the Yawanawa community into the Web3 space through customized smart contracting pathways, as a first step in the building of a safe and decentralized flow of income directly into the hands of the community, whilst simultaneously establishing a direct, live connection between Web3 and the Amazon forest.
Global Engagement
Possible Futures was officially launched during the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in November 2022 with a programme co-curated with Possible Futures advisor Nina Gualinga of the Kichwa People of Sarayaku. The talks series was hosted with the support of the New York Times, and discussed what it means to co-create symbiotic futures for the Amazon region and the planet, with the present Minister of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil Sonja Guajajara and representatives of the Yawanawa, Xakriabá, Witoto, Terena, Kichwa, Ushigua and Ponca People.
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